AppleScript and Swift, meant to be? Ehhh… - Medium

17 Nov 2016 ... As many others, my main source of music (if not only) is Spotify. Recently Spotify removed the Musixmatch® lyrics feature from their desktop ...

How can I do some trivial AppleScript from a Swift app?

I've got a Swift app that looks at a timeline of occurences. I'd like to be ... https: //

AppleScript: Beginner's Tutorial

It has been designed to give you a quick but thorough introduction to AppleScript through a short, fun, hands-on tutorial. In 25 minutes you'll learn what ...

Scripting OS X – #! is not a curse word

1 day ago ... Swift Argument Parser is your friend – Leo Dion, Back to the Mac ... could mean that 11.0 is GM for Apple Silicon Macs currently in production.

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