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The Bluest Eye Unit: Cycle 1 (September to November)

Download full-text PDF Read full. Be the hegemonic practice of White beauty standard in African American society as it is depicted in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye.lhc study shows that White. The Bluest Eye generates spirited discussion on the nature, extent, and ubiquity of prejudice in modern America, and other texts on this subject by writers like Alice Walker and Toni Cade Bambara. This study guide and infographic for Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye offer summary and analysis on themes, symbols, and other literary devices found in the text. Explore Course Hero's library of literature materials, including documents and Q&A pairs.

September: Benchmark 1 (Sept. 9-25)

Themes: historical background; beauty; internalized racism; media; parental influence

Essential Questions: How does the historical background of The Bluest Eye impact the book? How does the author’s life impact the book? What is beauty? How are people treated based on their appearance? Why do we treat people differently? How does media define beauty? What is internalized racism or racial self-loathing? Why do people internalize racism? How do parents effect child development?

Assessment: Informative Essay

Mon. Sept. 7

Labor Day

Tues. Sept. 8

Staff Report

Wed. Sept 9

Intro to class—hand out curriculum, rubrics, create class expectations

Thurs. Sept 10

Intro and baseline

Friday, Sept 11


Mon. Sept. 14

Historical Background PPT

Toni Morrison Motivation for Writing:

Internalized Racism definition, Born Black excerpt

Skills: syntheisizing information

Tues. Sept. 15

Author’s Background

Character List

NY Times Book Review

Skills: synthesizing information; making connections

Wed. Sept. 16


Forward, pg. 1-2

Skills: Creating images

Content: Stream of consciousness; deliberate fragmentation; enjambment; allusion

Dick and Jane, pg. 1-2

Draw picture

Show Dick and Jane Book

Thurs. Sept. 17


Forward, pg. 3-4

Skills: creating images; analyzing text

Garden, pg. 3-4

Draw picture

Write about the contrast between both environments.

Dick and Jane’s environment with Claudia’s environment

Friday, Sept. 18


Autumn, Ch. 1, pgs. 9-12

“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

Skills: creating images and making inferences

Aim: How do parents effect child development?

Read Pgs. 9-12

Read Girl

Found poem

Monday Sept. 21

Internalized Racism/Beauty

Autumn, Ch. 1, pgs. 18-24

Youtube video on internalized racism

Internalized racism article


Doll, Shirley Temple Cup

Skills: finding evidence, making inferences, answering text-dependent questions

Tuesday, Sept. 22

Internalized Racism/Beauty

“A Teacher’s Role in Fighting Racism” article

Video: The Doll Test

Skills: listening and taking notes

Wed. Sept 23

Assessment: Informative Essay


What is internalized racism? (use evidence from at least 2 texts)

Which texts best portray the of influence parents on children?

How does media influence identity in The Bluest Eye? (Dick/Jane excerpt; internalized racism youtube video; Shirley temple excerpt)

Graphic organizer, model paragraph

Vocabulary test

Thurs. Sept 24


First Draft

Friday, Sept. 25


Final Draft


Benchmark 2 (Sept. 28- Oct. 16)

Themes: martyr/victim complex, internalized racism, emotional abuse

Assessment: Argumentative Essay

Essential Questions: What is abuse? Why do people abuse and accept abuse?

Mon, Sept. 28

“Love the Way You Lie” song

pgs. 38-41

Determining Importance, making inferences

How is abuse portrayed in the song and the text?

Tues. Sept. 29

Victim Martyr Complex article

Autumn, Chapter 3, pgs. 42-44

Determining importance, making inferences

CER Chart (Claim, evidence, reasoning)

Wed. Sept 30

Pinterest Board: choose on character

Claudia, Pecola, Cholly, Pauline, Mrs. MacTeer

Beauty category


Thursday, Oct. 1

Autumn Chapter 3, Blue Eyes/Beauty/internalized racism

Pg. 44-50

Friday, Oct 2

Pgs. 44-50 contin.

Mon. Oct. 5

Colorism article:

Winter, Chapter 4, pgs. 61-74

Race and class/skin color, Maureen

Tues. Oct. 6

Pgs. 61-74 continued

How is colorism conveyed in this chapter?

Wed. Oct. 7

“Complexion” by Kendrick Lamar

Excerpt from Yellowman on race and class/skin color

Thurs. Oct. 8

Excerpt from Yellowman, Compare and contrast

How is colorism conveyed in Yellowman?

Fri. Oct. 9

Pgs. 81-93 contin.

Verbal Discussion on essay questions

Mon. Oct. 12


Tues. Oct 13

Argumentative Essay

Which text best conveys colorism? (The Bluest Eye, Complexion or Yellowman)

Which text best portrays the victim/martyr complex? (Love the Way You Lie, the article, and The Bluest Eye)

Wed. Oct. 14

Argumentative Essay Organizer

Thurs. Oct. 15

Argumentative Essay

Friday Oct. 15

Argumentative Essay


Read The Bluest Eye Online

Benchmark 3: (Oct. 19-Nov. 6)

The Bluest Eye Pdf Download

Themes: past effecting the future; Point-of-view effecting readers impression; power of stories; childhood abandonment; sexual humiliation; internalized racism


Essential Questions: How does acceptance and rejection affect us as children and later in life?

Mon, Oct. 19

Winter, Ch 5. Pgs. 81-93

Geraldine/Internalized racism, 3rd person omniscient

Tues. Oct. 20

POV, 3rd person and 1st person

Spring Ch. 7 pgs. 110-117


Wed. Oct 21

Pgs. 117-122

Thursday, Oct. 22

Pgs. 122-131

Friday, Oct 23


Pinterest Board

Mon. Oct. 26

Pgs. 132-140

Tues. Oct. 27


3rd person omniscient

Spring, Ch 8 pgs. 140-150

Wed. Oct. 28

Pgs. 151-160

Thurs. Oct. 29

“Evil Deeds” Eminem and 161-163

Fri. Oct. 30


Mon. Nov. 2


Which two characters do you sympathize with the most?

Which point-of-view is most effective in evoking emotion in the reader?

Which story is most effective in showing characters in a different light?

Tues. Nov. 3


Wed. Nov. 4

Argumentative essay ASSESSMENT

Thurs. Nov. 5


Friday Nov. 6



The Bluest Eye Book Online

Benchmark 4: (Nov. 9- Oct. 25)

Themes: morality; religion; hypocrisy; hopefulness; mental breakdown

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The Bluest Eye Pdf Full Text

Mon, Nov. 9

Article on morality/religion?

What makes people good?

Pgs. 164-170

Soaphead Church

Tues. Nov. 10

Pgs. 164-170


Wed. Nov. 11


Thursday, Nov. 12

Pgs. 171-176 -183

Friday, Nov. 13

What makes people good? How do the prostitutes treat Pecola? Chapter on prostitutes, pg. 50-58

Mon. Nov. 16

Summer, ch. 10


Tues. Nov. 17

Childhood Trauma article:

Summer, ch. 11, 193-206

Wed. Nov. 18


Thurs. Nov. 19


Fri. Nov. 20


Mon. Nov. 23

Book Review (include the most beautiful character) and Adverstisement

Tues. Nov. 24

Book Review and Advertisement

Wed. Nov. 25

Book Review and Advertisement

Thurs. Nov. 26


Friday Nov. 27



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