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Born21 March 1969 (age 51)
Years active1997–present
Spouse(s)Sahila Chadha
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Nimai Bali is an Indian actor who generally plays mythological supporting and villainous roles.[1][2] He is also famous for his role in the TV series Laado 2.

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Bali began his career playing Surya in the TV series Chandrakanta. He went on to play role of Senior Inspector Pratap in the TV series CID: Special Bureau.[1]

Bali is known for portraying Pawan Dev (God of the Winds) and Emperor Vali in the 1997-2000 Hinditelevision serialJai Hanuman, directed by Sanjay Khan.

He also played Duryodhana in Khan's miniseries Maha Kavya Mahabharat in 2001,[3] and appeared in the serials Bhabhi, Kumkum, Doli Sajaa Ke Rakhna, Amber Dhara,[1]Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Yug and Om Namah Shivay.[4]

Bali played the role of Ravana in Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali.

Bali has also played the role of Inspector Malvade, in the Bollywood movie Rahasya, released in January 2015.

He had also appeared in Suryaputra Karn as Drona and Maharaja Kans in Baal Krishna.

Currently he is portraying the role of Ugrapat in tv serial RadhaKrishn and Shankaracharya in serial Devi Adi Parashakti.

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Personal life[edit]

Bali is married to actress Sahila Chadha.[3][4] The couple has a daughter, Princess.[1][4] He is a cousin of Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt.[1]

His hobbies include cars and martial arts.[1]



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Nimai Bali on IMDb

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Another mythological offering

W Magix soundpool dvd collection 21 download free. HY are TV producers turning to religion? The answer is not far to seek. India has over 30 million gods and goddesses of which at least 100 cut across language barriers. Because of the captive viewership, there’s a veritable rush of epics on the small screen.

Om Namah Narayan: Mega-budget production

Ms office 2016 for mac. Just look at the growing list.. Jap Tap Vrat and Ma Shakti on Star Plus. Draupadi and Om Namah Narayan on Sahara. A re-run of Mahabharat on Sony which also airs Sri Ganesh and Sri Krishna. There’s Vishnu Puran on DD Jai Ganesh on Zee and animated version of Pandavas on Cartoon Network.

Jap Tap Vrat Tv Serial Cast

The latest to join the mythological wagon is Om Namah Narayan on Sahara TV. According to its maker, Dheeraj Kumar, the serial is different in the sense that it shows all the 24 avatars of Lord Vishnu whereas most others have limited themselves to only 10.

Jap Tap Vrat Tv Serial Live

The serial begins with Lord Vishnu in Kalyug ka avatar contemplating the world’s destruction to rid it of devils and evil. 'This is a costly serial,' says Kumar. 'The special effects we’re using are on a par with the best and include virtual reality, 3-D tracking and light wave.'

Jap Tap Vrat Tv Serial Download

Most media observers agree that the costs involved in making mythologicals in these competitive times are phenomenal. Still, wannabe producers keep cropping up. They know it isn’t always that the success of Mahabharat can be replicated. But, as Lord Krishna says in Sri Krishna,' Hope reigns supreme in a man’s heart.'


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