Magento 2: The Comprehensive Guide


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On 979 pages, Alexander Steireif explains everything you need to know about Magento 2. From setting up to measuring metrics, Magento 2 covers every area. This book gives every Magento shop owner everything they need to set up a Magento shop.


Step by step to your own webshop
Magento 2: The comprehensive manual provides everyone who has to do with Magento shops the knowledge they need to set up a Magento shop - from the installation and creation of an initial product catalog to the integration of shipping service providers and payment providers. So that the public can also find out about your offers, you will also learn how to send newsletters, give discounts, plan special offers, and much more

Step by step to your own Magento shop
Plug-ins, extensions, payment modules
Localization, multi-stores, sales promotion, module development, design
The manual is offered in two formats
The book is available as a hardback or as an e-book. Here are the properties of the two formats:

979 pages
Manual format 16.8 x 24 cm, with ribbon bookmark
Printed in black and white on wood-free 90g offset paper
A reader-friendly serif font (The Antiqua B 9.35 Pt.)
Single column layout with numerous illustrations
E-book for download in the format PDF (42 MB), EPUB (46 MB), and MOBI (78 MB) as well as an online book
Files are DRM-free, with a personalized digital signature
Printing, copy & paste and comments are permitted
The images are in color
The table of contents, index, and references in the text are linked
Further information on the e-book is available from the publisher.
The bound book costs € 49.90, the e-book € 44.90, or as a bundled book + e-book only € 54.90.

Order the Magento 2 manual from Rheinwerk-Verlag

Order the Magento 2 manual from Amazon

Content and excerpt
The content is divided into the following chapters:

Thank you
E-commerce as part of our everyday life
Magento as a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution
Install Magento
Entry and configuration of Magento
Shipping methods and payment methods
Tax rules and currencies
Development and management of the product range
Place and process orders
Customer account and customer management
Plan and carry out marketing measures
Content management with Magento
Evaluate reports & connect Google services
Prepare Magento for the German market
Extend Magento and adapt it to your own needs and requirements
Create comprehensive reports and analyzes with Magento Business Intelligence
Export and import records
Configure and use Magento multistore functionality
Update Magento and keep it up to date
Administer Magento via the command line
Connect Magento to ERP, PIM, or CRM systems
Use additional sales channels such as Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay
Use Magento on and with different end devices
Magento Enterprise Edition
Magento B2B Edition
Further topics and troubleshooting
A reading room can be downloaded as a PDF from the publisher.

This book is a must for everyone who has to or wants to deal with Magento 2, be it as a developer, consultant, or online shop operator. The necessary knowledge is concentrated on 979 pages that you should read if you really want to know your Magento 2 shop: The Magento 2 standard work for beginners and experts.


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