The truth about whether or not Alita is a human


203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment

What does it mean to be human? That's a common question in sci-fi and artificial intelligence circles, and it has followed the powerful cyborg known as Alita since her creation.

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Ms. Marvel has finally found its lead actress

203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

Mighty Marvel faithful, meet your new Kamala Khan. Hollywood newcomer Iman Vellani has been cast as the titular character in the upcoming, MCU-set Disney+ miniseries Ms. Marvel. Marvel Studios head honcho ..


    American Horror Story's Myrtle Snow's inspiration

    203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

    Myrtle Snow was introduced in American Horror Story: Coven, played by Frances Conroy. Conroy has acted in nearly 100 productions, proving that she has a broad range of skills to bring to the franchise. ..


      What Alaskan Bush People's fans don't know about Ami's

      203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

      Fans tend to like Ami, and after her cancer diagnosis in 2017, they had her back. As it turns out, her behind-the-scenes life has included additional struggles that fans may be surprised to hear about. ..


        The Boys season 2 will have a Lord of the Rings reunion

        203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

        Occasionally, pop culture brings familiar faces back together in unexpected ways. Amazon's The Boys looks to do just that with its second season, reuniting a pair of Lord of the Rings vets, and maybe, ..


          Jane Seymour reflects on James Bond legacy - Exclusive

          203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

          Jane Seymour played the tarot card reader Solitaire opposite Roger Moore in his debut film as James Bond, 1973's Live and Let Die. During an exclusive interview, the revered actress told Looper that she's ..


            The backstory of Dune's Fremen explained

            203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

            To access this story, you have to empathize with the Fremen, a people who live far removed (geographically, chronologically, and otherwise) from the imperial culture from which Paul Atreides hails. The ..


              The Ringwraiths from The Lord of the Rings explained

              203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

              We decided to dig into the background of the Ringwraiths to figure out where they came from, how they operate, and what they were up to before they got tangled up in all of the Lord of the Rings stuff. ..


                This is the worst thing the crew ever did on Futurama

                203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

                Let's be honest, this crew has caused at least as many catastrophes as they've saved. One of these catastrophes stands out clearly as the worst thing the crew ever did on Futurama: They caused the massacre ..


                  What the Alita movie does better than the anime

                  203 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

                  Why was this live-action film adapted from an anime successful where so many others failed? For one, it actually hews closer to the source material than the anime ever did.


                    What the cast of Scorpion is doing today

                    212 day(s) ago in category Entertainment by system

                    The stars of CBS' Scorpion entertained audiences for four seasons of genius-level antics and adventure. What has the cast been doing since the series ended in 2018? All sorts of stuff, it turns out. We're ..


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