9 of Every 10 Restaurants and Bars in N.Y.C. Can’t Pay Full Rent - The New York Times


29 day(s) ago in category News


A survey conducted by an industry group found that many establishments were still facing a financial crisis even after opening for outdoor dining.

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‘It’s a New Day’: Sudan Exults in Move to Take It Off List of Terror States - The New York Times

1 day(s) ago in category News by system

President Trump said on Monday that the U.S. plans to lift Sudan’s 27-year designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, enabling Sudan to access international financial networks.


    Trump Taunts Lesley Stahl of ‘60 Minutes’ After Cutting Off Interview - The New York Times

    1 day(s) ago in category News by system

    Two weeks from Election Day, the president picked a fight with the country’s most popular television news program.


      As Coronavirus Surges and Brexit Deadline Nears, Boris Johnson Stalls - The New York Times

      7 day(s) ago in category News by system

      The prime minister’s delaying strategy carries severe risks if he misplays his hand, with the pandemic worsening and a Brexit deadline approaching.


        The Pence-Harris V.P. Debate Now Has Big Consequences - The New York Times

        17 day(s) ago in category News by system

        Vice-presidential debates can often be afterthoughts in a presidential race. But with President Trump in the hospital, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will now face an unusual amount of scrutiny, and a tricky ..


          Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus - The New York Times

          20 day(s) ago in category News by system

          The president’s result came after he spent months playing down the severity of the outbreak that has killed more than 207,000 in the United States and hours after insisting that “the end of the pandemic ..


            Chadwick Boseman's Last Performance: A First Look at 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' - The New York Times

            21 day(s) ago in category News by system

            Opposite Boseman in his final film, Davis delivers a star turn in another August Wilson adaptation produced by Denzel Washington, this time directed by George C. Wolfe.


              Woman Dies in Delhi After Gang Rape, Fueling Outrage Again in India - The New York Times

              21 day(s) ago in category News by system

              Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for justice in the rape case, in Uttar Pradesh. But after years of rampant sexual violence, prosecutions remain rare.


                The Pros and Cons of Being a Hammerhead Shark - The New York Times

                32 day(s) ago in category News by system

                A new study suggests that the ocean’s strangest-looking headgear is difficult to tote around.


                  Covid-19 Live Updates - The New York Times

                  33 day(s) ago in category News by system

                  A surge of infections in the Southwest and the Midwest is partly driving an uptick in cases nationally. The eight remaining members of the Supreme Court are expected to hear arguments next month via telephone. ..


                    Live Tracker: The Supreme Court Vacancy and Trump and Biden - The New York Times

                    33 day(s) ago in category News by system

                    The death of Justice Ginsburg rapidly reshaped the presidential race and led to a political fight in the Senate. Here’s what we know.


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