Resident Evil Village will have ray tracing, on AMD cards at least | PC Gamer


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AMD announced its new RX 6700 XT GPU earlier today, which is exciting enough, but nestled among the festivities was news that Resident Evil Village will have ray tracing support on PC—though as you'd expect, it's only confirmed for AMD cards at the moment.It may be bad news for RX 6700 XT early adopters though, because Resident Evil Village with ray tracing on needs an RX 6800 XT according to AMD's own recommended specifications (you'll only need a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, though). Still it's exciting news, and the presentation even featured some short comparison clips. Check it out below (or in this video at 9:43).

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Last night, developer Frogwares took the unusual step of issuing a DMCA takedown notice against its own game, The Sinking City, in order to force its removal from Steam. The move was the latest step in ..


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      Wasteland 3 continues to be updated, with the post-apocalyptic RPG receiving patches like the one inXile called "Save Scummer's Delight", which reduced load times by up to 60 percent, and one that buffed ..


        There's a big-budget open-world Dungeons & Dragons game in development | PC Gamer

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        At the end of 2019 the president of Wizards of the Coast, Chris Cocks, said there were seven or eight games based on Dungeons & Dragons in the works. We know about Baldur's Gate 3 and Dark Alliance of ..


          Samsung's massive Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is getting a Mini LED overhaul, and we can't wait | PC Gamer

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          Samsung's 49-inch Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is both ludicrous and an absolute joy at the same time. So, with Samsung announcing it is upgrading its popular ultrawide monster to a new Quantum Mini LED panel, ..


            This monster PC case could be the most extra chassis ever | PC Gamer

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            The Azza Overdrive is either one of the coolest cases I've ever laid eyes on or it's an absolute atrocity that shouldn't exist. I feel it may be both. I'd love to use it for the basis of some hard-tube ..


              As GPU shipments rise, analyst cautions it would be ‘foolish’ to buy one for mining | PC Gamer

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              Can you remember the last time you purchased a graphics card? If you're in the same boat as PC gamers at large, it was probably a long time ago, before the Great GPU Shortage of 2020/2021, caused by a ..


                This Japanese indie mech screams with the sounds of 90s anime | PC Gamer

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                Sorry, everyone. Despite positioning myself as the self-proclaimed Mech-liker on staff, I've never actually been huge on Gundam. I simply prefer my giant robots to look a little less toylike, I'm afraid. ..


                  This Gateway laptop with a GTX 2060 and 120Hz screen is back down to $799 again | PC Gamer

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                  Save $200 on this gaming laptop with a full-power (read: not Max-Q) GeForce GTX 2060 GPU.


                    A 7-inch OLED handheld is our PC game streaming dream but we'll settle for the Nintendo Switch Pro | PC Gamer

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                    A Samsung 7-inch OLED in a portable and compact form factor that's ready for gaming? Now you're talking my language. When I'm away from my desktop I'd kill for a compact game streaming device with a stunning ..


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