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Smoking is one bad habit that can result in a wide variety of diseases and health problems. To that end, doctors often suggest to someone to stop smoking so they can live more healthy up to old age.

But a lot of people who often experience failure when trying to quit smoking. Keep in mind that quitting smoking is a gradual process that should be done with commitment and patience full.

The following seven ways to quit smoking naturally that is guaranteed effective as summarized

1. Discover Why You

To be more motivated to quit smoking, you need a strong reason. For example, to protect the family from smoke secondhand, lowering the risk of developing lung cancer, want to feel youthful or even so save on expenditures.

Select a strong reason to make you think twice to go back to smoking.

2. Find Nicotine Alternative

When stop smoking, you will experience a condition called nicotine withdrawal. This condition can make you feel headache, affects the mood to suck energy.

To suppress the desire back to smoking so are not exposed to withdrawal you can search for an alternative nicotine replacement. Some of the alternative between the other nicotine gum or the nicotine patch.

3. Relaxation

One of the reasons the person smokes is to calm yourself and avoid stress. Instead you could try doing relaxation techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises, massage or listening to a soothing song.

4. Avoid Alcohol and Other Triggers

A lot of people who smoke while accompanied by drinking alcoholic beverages or coffee. If you're trying to quit smoking, it helps you avoid these drinks that could potentially be a trigger.

In addition, if you usually smoke after a meal, try to do other things such as brushing teeth or chewing.

5. Clean The House

If it is decided to stop, throw away your ashtrays, cigarettes and lighters you have. Wipe the furniture which is exposed to the smell of cigarette smoke such as carpets, sofas and curtains.

Don't forget to wash the clothes exposed to the smell of cigarette smoke. The point is, as much as possible you do not see or smell something that reminds you of smoking.







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quit smoking quickly

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Smoking is one bad habit that can result in a wide variety of diseases and health problems. To that end, doctors often suggest to someone to stop smoking so they can live more healthy up to old age. But ..


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